Neighbourhood Plan Documents


The referendum took place on 6th May 2021 and was voted for with a majority of 81.5% to 18.5%.  Once the phosphate issue in the Lugg has been sorted out, the NDP will be formally “made” and become a legal document in planning matters.

Declaration of Result of Poll – Stretton Grandison 

The NDP has now passed its examination and is awaiting a Referendum.  This will take place on 6th May 2021.  Herefordshire Council will send out voting cards to all households.

Notice of Referendum – March 2021

Meanwhile the Plan carries significant weight in planning terms.

Referendum Plan Final – Sept 2020


The NDP examination is underway.  The following queries have been made by the Examiner.

Examination Queries – June 2020

Examination Queries Response – July 2020

Canon Frome Court Site Plan








The Regulation 16 Consultation has now closed – all documents can be found on the Herefordshire Council website or by clicking here.

Following the recent Regulation 16 consultation, the Stretton Grandison Group NDP has been recommended to progress to examination.  The Parish Council will now await to hear from Herefordshire Council of available examiners before choosing one to undertake the examination.

Regulation 16 Consultation submission:

Following approval by the Parish Council at their meeting of the 9th March 2020 the following documents have been submitted to Herefordshire Council for Consultation at Regulation 16.

Submission letter – March 2020

Submission NDP – March 2020

Consultation Statement – 4 March 2020

Basic Conditions Statement – 4 March 2020

HRA Report – March 2020

Strategic Environmental Assessment Report March 2020

Stretton Grandison village Policies Map

Lower Eggleton village Policies Map

Fromes Hill village Policies Map

Eggleton village Policies Map

Canon Frome village Policies Map

Stretton Grandison Group Policies Map


The NDP will next be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 9th March 2020 at The Stables – 7.30pm

The discussion will be regarding submitting the NDP; Basic Condition Statement; Consultation Statement; SEA and HRA to Herefordshire Council at for the Regulation 16 consultation.  The documents being discussed are as follows:

Draft Submission Plan Final changes in blue Feb 2020 (1)

Basic Conditions Statement v1

Consultation Statement v1

The HRA and SEA will be uploaded when received from Herefordshire Council – The above document sare subject to final minor tweaks being made.

The next NDP meeting will be held on Monday 24th February 2020, at the Stables, at 7pm, to discuss the consultation responses and decide next steps.  Please find the agenda here

Regulation 14 Consultation – Monday 4th November 2019 – Monday 16th December 2019 incl.

The Parish Council approved the Draft NDP to move forward to the Regulation 14 consultation stage at their meeting held on 23rd October 2019.

All households within the parishes will be posted a letter containing a covering letter, comment form and a slip from the NDP Steering Group.  All the details of how to submit comments will be included in these papers.

The following documents are all those that will be needed for the consultation:

Note from the NDP Steering Group – Oct 2019

Regulation 14 Covering letter – Oct 2019

Regulation 14 Comment Response Form – Oct 2019

Draft NDP – Oct 2019

Environmental Assessment – Oct 2019

Habitat Regulation Assessment – Oct 2019

NDP Consultation – Next Steps – July – Sept 2019

 The first informal consultation on the Neighbourhood Development Plan has now finished.  68% of questionnaires distributed were returned.  This is a very high return percentage and the Steering Group would like to thank all parishioners for getting so involved with the process.

The questionnaires have now be analysed by the NDP consultant and any recommendations or changes made to the draft document as a result of feedback given will be discussed at the meeting on the 18th September.  The document can be read here. 

A summary of the consultation responses can be read here.

The NDP Steering Group held a meeting mid-September.  Sites were recommended for inclusion in the draft NDP document.  The NDP has now be updated following this and subject to Parish Council approval on 23rd October 2019 will go out once more to formal consultation at Regulation 14 of the NDP process. Parishioners will be given another chance to comment on the updated document.  This consultation is due to run from the 6th November – 16th December 2019 incl.

The Steering Group look forward to parishioners continuing to be involved with the process.

Draft NDP initial consultation – 3rd – 29th June 2019

The draft NDP will be going out for consultation between the above dates.  Each household will receive a copy of the Draft NDP document and related questionnaire below.

Draft NDP – June 2019

Questions for consultation – June 2019

Reports used within the Draft NDP

Malvern Hills – SG Conservation Area

Appendix 1 – Homend Trees article


Independent Housing Assessment Reports – October 2018 and March 2019

Kirkwells Subsequent Site Submissions Assessments

AECOM Site Assessment_Final

AECOM Site Assessment Appendix A_Final

Amendments to the AECOM report needed – Nov 2018

180816 Stretton Grandison Group Site Assessment Draft for Comment

Site Submissions – 2018

Site Submission Form

Call for Sites advert – Jan 2018

Site 1 – a  Site 1 – b

Site 2 – a  Site 2 – b

Site 3 – a  Site 3 – b

Site 4

Site 5 – a  Site 5 – b  Site 5 – c

Site 6 – a Site 6 – b

Site 7

Site 8

Site 9 – a  Site 9 – b

Sites 10,11 and 12

Site 13

Site 14 – a

Neighbourhood Development Plan – March 2017

Questionnaire Comments Summary

NDP Questionnaire Analysis Presentation – October 2017


Issues and Options Document


Draft Notes – 24th Feb 2020

Appendix 1 – see Notes – 18th September 2019 below

Appendix 2 – Table 1 – Herefordshire Council

Appendix 3 – Table 2 Consultation Bodies and Other Organisations

Appendix 4 – Table 3 Residents and Landowners

Signed notes – 18th September 2019

Appendix 1 – see 30th April notes below.

Appendix 2 – Consultation Responses

Notes – 30th April 2019

Notes – 18th March 2019

Appendix 1 – see 3rd December 2018 notes below.

Appendix 2 – AECOM Site Assessment_Final

Appendix 3 – Kirkwells Subsequent Site Submissions Assessments

Notes – 3rd December 2018

Appendix 1 – see 17th Oct 2018 Notes below

Appendix 2 – Conflicts of Interest Policy – Approved – 3rd Dec 2018

Appendix 3 – Additional Site Submissions

Appendix 4 – Stretton Grandison First Draft Plan v1 – Nov 2018

Notes – 17th October 2018

Appendix 1 – Terms of Reference

Appendix 2 – 180816 Stretton Grandison Group Site Assessment

Appendix 3 – Watkinson site submission – Oct 2018

Minutes – 6th February 2017

Minutes 13th December 2016

Minutes 18th Oct 2016

Minutes 24th August 2016

Minutes 27th July 2016

Minutes 10th May 2016


NDP Area Map

Issues and Options Discussion Paper July 2016

Planning Policy Assessment v.July 2016