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  1. I’m not clear who the volunteer distributor is for the questionnaire on the NDP and to be honest whether anyone in the immediate area is aware of this being available, or that there are consultation events at the stable. It’d be good to know who the volunteer is so we can raise the profile.

    • Good Morning
      Thank you for your enquiry. Questionnaires should have been distributed to all residents in the four parishes with details of your distributor put on the covering letter. If you have any query the chairman of the NDP steering group is Rob Manning – email:

  2. With reference to yesterdays collision at the bridge and junction with Watery Lane, it would be appropriate to consider safety measures along the main road. Although there were no fatalities, it will only be a matter of time. The 30mph and the ensuing mobile speed camera appears counter productive at Stretton Grandison. The straight road then provokes speeding and overtaking while no thought to the small junction. It is very dangerous emerging from Watery Lane. With the advent of faster cars, arrogant attitudes among certain drivers and continued use of mobile phones which I see from my kitchen window in Watery Lane, more clever thought should be given to road safety.
    I have a grandstand view and although there is no speed limit (60mph), there are cyclists, walkers, runners. horse riding, dogs without leads, motorbikes, wildlife, and of course bigger and faster cars and tractors and large farming equipment all travelling down this lane. And yet no warning signs for motorists.
    Ironically, there is a penalty sign for dumping litter. This is now a fly tipping site.

  3. The junction at Watery Lane to the main road between Ashperton and Stretton Grandison is potentially dangerous to all road users.
    Both hedges and verges now obscure vision from both directions emerging from Watery Lane in a normal sized car.
    We are aware of the rules regarding hedge cutting and also that larger cars and vehicles have greater vision due to height.
    However in the interests of road safety, impeding vision onto a main road with vehicles also overtaking is extremely negligent. Under these circumstances the hedge should be cut.
    Balfour Beatty have dismissed this and suggest that all is safe and well. I have contacted the district council.
    Please investigate and reply forthwith.
    If this remains a hazard then I will have to contact traffic police and the local MP.
    Long term it would be safer to have traffic lights at that junction.

    • Thank you for your email. The Parish Council spends a lot of time logging highway issues with Balfour Beatty. I am happy to pursue this one up for you. Unfortunately because the main road through Ashperton is an “A” road, the Parish Council cannot employ anyone to do any work on the verges – this has to be done by Balfour Beatty.

      Kind regards

  4. As we are living in and approaching more complicated times in years to come and irrespective of personal beliefs, should we not be complying with Government guidelines?
    It would appear that not all in this tiny little fragment of what we espouse to be free and democratic country, comply with Government guidelines.
    This may include ‘staying at home’.
    It does not appear that this is the case in certain local areas.
    Best to set an example, I would say.


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