Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Councillors Rob Manning (chairman), Malcolm Davies, John Hamilton-Paterson, Charles Pudge, Douglas Smith and Brian Willder

In attendance:
Janet Chester – clerk

Members of the Public: 0

1.0 To Elect the Chairman of the parish council and receive signature on Declaration of Acceptance Form

Douglas Smith proposed by Cllr Willder and seconded by Cllr Hamilton-Paterson, unanimously supported. There being no other nominations Cllr Smith accepted the position and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.

2.0 To Elect the Vice- Chairman of the parish council and receive signature on Declaration of Acceptance Form

John Hamilton- Paterson proposed by Cllr Manning and seconded by Cllr Smith, unanimously supported. There being no other nominations Cllr Hamilton-Paterson accepted the position and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.

3.0 To Receive Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason

Cllrs George Orgee and George Troughton (illness)

4.0 To Receive and Record any Declarations of Interest and Written Requests for Dispensations – none

Councillor Name Agenda Item Interest Declared
Cllr R Manning 12 – Planning DPI

5.0 Councillor Vacancies

Peter Godsall has stepped down as a parish councilor so a vacancy has arisen. The clerk will inform the elections department of Herefordshire Council who will provide a vacancy notice to be displayed. It is hoped the vacancy can be filled by co-option at the next meeting in July. RESOLVED

6.0 To remind councillors to review their Register of Interests held with Herefordshire Council and update of necessary.


7.0 To Consider Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 1st March 2016

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman. RESOLVED

8.0 To Receive Report from Ward Councillor

Ward Cllr Lester had not given his apologies and had not sent through a report.

9.0 Public Participation Session

No matters raised.

10.0 To Consider Adoption of the following policies for Stretton Grandison Group Parish Council

a) Standing Orders
b) Code of Conduct
c) Financial Regulations
d) Donations & Grants Policy
e) Risk Assessment
f) Risk Management Policy
g) Freedom of Information Requests
h) Emergency Resilience Plan
i) Assets Register
j) Media Policy
k) Policy for dealing with planning application between meetings

All reviewed and adopted RESOLVED

11.0 To Review Committee Structures, areas of responsibility and to appoint members to serve as required:

a) Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group – Cllr Manning (chairman) & Cllr Smith (vice-chairman)
b) Planning Committee – parish member to raise any issues, decisions to be made by full council
c) Financial Working Group – full council
d) Staffing Panel – full council
e) Highways/Footpaths/Traffic & Speed Management – Cllr Troughton and Jan Pudge –footpaths officers
f) Website Adminstrator – Mark Millmore to be asked to set up website by clerk. Clerk to be able to update website in future.

12.0 To Consider the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference

The clerk had drafted terms of reference based upon Herefordshire Councils – these were agreed and adopted

12.0 Planning:

a) To Consider any Planning Applications submitted to Herefordshire Council: none

b) To Note Planning Record (attached) and Details of Decisions Notice received from by Herefordshire Council : – noted

Yew Tree House, Stretton Grandison, HR8 2TS – Proposed garden room to rear
REFUSED 29th April 2016

13.0 Finance:

a) To Consider Payments of Outstanding Accounts:-
000353: Herefordshire Council – May 2015 Election Costs – £127.56
000354: Homend Estate – room hire January & March 2016 – £54.00
000355: Autela Limited Payroll Services – Payroll Jan – March – £30.00
000356: J Chester – clerk March/April – as agreed

b) To Confirm Internal Auditor and Consider Approval of the Annual Return of Accounts

The clerk is waiting to receive bank statements so has been unable to do the End of Year. David Magden has agreed to carry out the internal audit. The clerk has advised the external auditor of the delay. Deferred to July meeting.

c) To Consider Selection of Auto Enrolment Pension

The clerk is to advise Autela that the NEST scheme has been chosen as pension provider. RESOLVED

d) To Review the Parish Council Insurance Policy and decide on any amendments required

The insurance policy is due for renewal in September, no amendments are required. The clerk will obtain alternative quotes for comparison at the July meeting. RESOLVED

14.0 Highways / Footpaths

a) To Receive Report from Balfour Beatty Locality Steward Cathy Berkeley

Weekly email reports are being received and noted.

b) To Receive any New Issues on Road Conditions/ Traffic Management / Flooding / Footpaths

The A417 is rippled outside the entrance to Townsend Nursery and this groove is diverting water down the road rather than into the drain. The road surface is also breaking up outside Stretton Grange. One of the 30mph signs in Stretton Grandison needs re-instating. The clerk will report these defects.

15.0 Information Section / Correspondence / Discussion

a) To Note Correspondence received – noted
b) To review Information and Outstanding Actions (attached) – reviewed and updated

16.0 Training / Meetings

a) To note dates of any forthcoming training courses / meetings and decide attendees – none

17.0 Items for Agenda of Next Scheduled Meeting of the Parish Council

• Churchyard Donations
• Approval of Annual Return
• Councillor Vacancy

18.0 To Decide Venue, Dates and Time of Meetings for the Ensuing Year

Tuesday 5th July 2016
Tuesday 4th October 2016
Tuesday 10th January 2017
Tuesday 7th March 2017
Tuesday 2nd May 2017 (Annual General Meeting)

All meetings at 7.30pm. Venue TBC

There being no other business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 20.55pm