Minutes 30 July 2015

Minutes of a Parish Meeting held on Thursday 30 July 2015 at 7.30pm in the Estate Office at Leighton Court

Present: Cllrs Robert Manning (Chairman), Malcolm Davis, Brian Willder, John Paterson, George Troughton.
In attendance: Parish Clerk Candidate Christine Rees, Ward Cllr. Jonathan Lester.
No members of the public present.

1. Apologies for absence. Peter Godsall, Charles Pudge

2. To co-opt to fill outstanding vacancies.
George Troughton signed co-option form, Caroline Jackson resigned via email correspondence, leaving an outstanding 2 vacancies.

3. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensations.
There where none.

4. Open Session:

4.1 Ward Cllr Jonathan Lester forwarded the Cabinet Agenda and updated the
Cllrs on:
• The forthcoming budget consultation
• Changes to school transport
• The Future of No1 Ledbury Road
Cllr Lester also discussed the benefits of producing a Neighbourhood Plan.
4.2 No local residents were present.

5. To consider the minutes of two previous meetings:

5.1 Annual meeting of the Parish Council – 21.05.15 – minutes signed and agreed.
5.2 Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council – 25.05.15 – minutes signed and

6. Planning:

6.1 To consider Ivy Cottage, Lower Eggleton – Plan app: P151910/F – proposed conversion of existing cottage into annex building with replacement subservient build dwelling to form main residential accommodation – RESOLVED to
support the application.
6.2 To note planning permission: 1 Townsend Barns, Stretton Grandison.
Installation of a freestanding wood burning stove with twin-wall insulated flue –
RESOLVED to support the application.
6.3 Neighbourhood Plan – RESOLVED to apply for Neighbourhood Plan grant –
Clerk to begin process. Meeting to be held on Thursday 10 September, 7pm,
Stretton Grandison Church.

7. Finance:

7.1 To consider adoption of Financial Regulations – Regulations unavailable – to defer to next meeting.
7.2 To consider Autela invoices for PAYE services:
7.2.1 Invoice 6729 – April – June 2015 sum of £11.25 – RESOVLED to pay.
7.2.2 Invoice 6761 – July – September 2015 sum of £11.25 – RESOLVED to pay.
7.3 To consider HALC internal Audit fee – £100 – RESOLVED to pay.
7.4 To consider annual payment to Information Commissioner sum of £35.00 –
RESOLVED to pay.
7.5 To consider grant towards churchyard mowing: it was RESOLVED to donate
£175 each to St Michael and All Angels, Castle Frome, St Lawrence Church,
Stretton Grandison and St James Church, Canon Frome.
7.6 Wayleave payment from Western Power paid into bank account.

8. To raise matters for the next meeting:

• To confirm signatories.
• Bishops Frome Parish Hall to be considered for the next meeting – Cllr Manning to look into this.

9. To note Information Items: Nothing to note.

10. To consider the date of the next scheduled meeting:
Thursday 22 October 2015 at 7.30pm in the Estate Office at Leighton Court.

11. Employment Matters:

11.1 Candidate Christine Rees had attended for interview and sat in on the Parish
Council meeting. It was RESOLVED to appoint Christine Rees as Parish Clerk.
11.2 To receive an update on the retrieval of parish property & consider actions –
not resolved to put on agenda for next meeting.