Minutes 26th January 2016

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 26th January 2016
in the Leighton Court Estate Office at 7.30 pm.

Present: Councillors Robert Manning (Chairman), Malcolm Davies, John Paterson, Charles Pudge, George Troughton, Brian Willder.
In attendance: Acting Clerk -Lynda Wilcox (HALC), Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Peter Godsall.

2. The resignation of the clerk was noted and it was RESOLVED to access HALC clerk cover services for the meeting.

3. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensations. There were none.

4. Co-option to fill two outstanding vacancies.

The following two local residents were co-opted and completed their declarations of acceptance of office:
4.1 George Orgee … Canon Frome.
4.2 Douglas Smith … Stretton Grandison.

5. Open Session:

5.1 A verbal report from Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester, included:
5.1.1 Application 153808/0 was likely to receive approval.
5.1.2 There would be a 3.9% increase in Council Tax for 2016/17.
5.1.3 School transport was under review -Herefordshire Council would now only be funding transport costs to the nearest school.
5.1.4 No. 1 Ledbury Road, Hereford, provided short breaks for children with disabilities. Cabinet had agreed to fund the facility for a further 12 months and the Friends of Ledbury Road were looking at forming a charity to raise funds for the future.
5.2 Views of local residents on parish matters -there were no public present.

6. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 3rd November 2015
Itwas RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were duly signed by the Chairman.

7. Planning:
It was RESOLVED to support the following application:

7.1 Planning App: 153808/0 -The Porch, Lower Eggleton. Proposed four. }?edrorun dwelling including free standing garage.
The following phµming permission granted by Herefordshire Council was noted:
7.2 Planning application 152939 -removal of interior wall at Bears Forge, 17 Canon Frome Court, Canon Frome.
The folloWing planning refusal” by Herefordshire Council was noted :
7.3 Planning application 153532: Hedgerow removal west of B214 near the Frogend, Bishops Frome.

8. Neighbourhood Plan:

8.1 Mem bers gave feedback on two meetings held on 24th November 2015 & 19th January 2016, the latter with planning consultants, Kirkwells. It was agreed that the second meeting was much more positive because of the presence of two consultants from Kirkwells .
8.2 It was RESOLVED to engage Kirkwells as planning consultants to forward the Stretton Grandison Neighbourhood Plan. They would be invited to attend the next meeting of the Steering Group, the date of which would be arranged to suit their availability.

9. Finance
It was RESOLVED to pay items 9.1 – 9.3 inclusive:

9.1 Room hire invoice from Homend Estate … £36.00.
9.2 Autela invoice for payroll services … £50.00.
9.3 Outgoing clerk ‘s expenses of £156.13.
9.4 Following discussion it was RESOLVED to ask the Acting Clerk to make a grant application for Government funding for a parish website & laptop, through HALC.
9.5 The Acting Clerk reported that the local resident who had been renting the Poorland Meadow had not received an invoice for many years and would welcome being able to regularise the matter by receiving and paying an invoice in relation to the years 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16 and 16/17.
It was RESOLVED to issue the invoice in the sum of £300 per annum (£1500). It was further RESOLVED that the cheque would be made payable to the Stretton Grandison Group Parish Council and retained as earmarked funds until such time as the banking details for the Trust were retrieved .

10. Information items – there were none.

11. It was RESOLVED that the next scheduled meeting would be held on Tuesday 1st March at 7.30 pm.

A resolution waspassed to exclude thepublic for the following confide ntial item.

12. Employment Matters :

12.1 The meeting RESOLVED to pay the final salary payment to outgoing clerk.
12.2 Recruitment of new parish clerk:
12.2.1 Members RESOLVED to consider the employment of a nearly qualified clerk (known to HALC) who lived in the area and would be available to clerk the next meeting. It was further RESOLVED that members would meet the prospective new clerk at 7.00 pm on 1st March, immediately prior to the parish council meeting at 7.30 pm.
12.3 Following due consideration, it was RESOLVED that legal steps would be taken in conjunction with the two other parish councils involved, to retrieve parish property not returned to the parish council by the long-term clerk who had preceded the outgoing clerk.