Minutes 1st March 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 1st March 2016

Councillors Rob Manning (chairman), Malcolm Davies, John Hamilton-Paterson, George Orgee, Charles Pudge, Douglas Smith, George Troughton and Brian Willder

In attendance:
Three Crosses Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester
Janet Chester

Members of the Public: 1

1.0 To Receive Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason

Cllr Peter Godsall (work commitments)

2.0 To Agree that Janet Chester acts as clerk to the meeting

Councillors agreed that Janet Chester acts as clerk for this meeting RESOLVED

3.0 To Receive and Record any Declarations of Interest and Written Requests for Dispensations – none

Councillor Name Agenda Item Interest Declared

4.0 Open Session for local residents to raise matters relevant to the parish

4.1 To receive a brief report from Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester

Ward Councillor Lester advised that Herefordshire Council had set the budget for 2016/17 at a meeting on 5th February 2016. The next meeting on 4th March is for the full council to set the council tax, a proposal is to increase by 3.9% (1.9% for general costs and 2% ring-fenced for Adult Social Care). Cllr Lester is spending a lot of time attending his nine parish council’s meetings and Neighbourhood Plan meetings. Putley has had their NDP area accepted. Weston Beggard have submitted their plan under regulation 14 and are moving to regulation 16 where Herefordshire Council will check it is compliant with national guidelines and organize a referendum. Cllr Lester advised that the grant available for forming Neighbourhood Development Plans had increased to £9k to help cover consultants and expert advice costs.

4.2 To receive views of local residents on parish matters

The white lines at the junctions at the top of Fromes Hill need re-instating.
Potholes need repair by The Old Rectory and Fuggles in Castle Frome. The clerk will report these problems and forward them to Cathy Berkeley the Locality Steward. The councilors were advised that Cathy is more than happy to meet with councilors and tour the parish to point out any defects.

5.0 To Consider the Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 26th January 2016

The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 26th January 2016 were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman. RESOLVED

6.0 Planning:

a) To Consider any Planning Applications submitted to Herefordshire Council: none

b) To Note permission for forestry building …… prior approval not required:
160057 Hasnett Wood, Canon Frome, Munsley, Herefordshire

7.0 Neighbourhood Plan: To Consider date of next Steering Group Meeting

Louise at Kirkwells had advised of dates she was available to attend. Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th March 7pm at Castle Frome Church. The clerk will put up notices and try and get article out into local papers. RESOLVED

8.0 Finance:

8.1 To note successful grant for parish website & laptop

HALC applied for a grant on behalf of the parish council which has been granted. A cheque for £1664.00 will be received shortly to enable the clerk to purchase a laptop and printer and organize the setting up of a parish council website.

8.2 To Consider donation to Age Concern

This was discussed but there are no funds available at present. RESOLVED

8.3 To Consider subscription to HALC for 2016/17 – £328.25 + VAT

It was agreed to remain a member of HALC for 2016/17 and to pay the subscription invoice RESOLVED

8.4 To Note Council Tax level of £22.94 per band D property for 2016/17 – noted

8.5 To Consider bank signatories

It was agreed to have four signatories, Rob Manning, Charles Pudge, Malcolm Davies and George Troughton and for correspondence to be sent to the clerk. A new bank mandate was completed and the clerk will forward it to the bank. RESOLVED

9.0 Poorland Meadow Trust

9.1 To consider information obtained on Trust administration

Bank Statements and a cheque book have been retrieved. The account is still live and two signatories are active.

9.2 To Consider new bank signatories

New signatories are required. Cllr Davies to pursue.

9.3 To note discussion held with tenant

The tenant has been contacted and agreed that no invoice had been received for a number of years. The clerk will send an invoice and request payment of £1500 in respect of years 12/13 – 16/17. The cheque is to be made payable to The Poorland Meadow Trust.

10.0 Selection of Auto Enrolement Pension

Deferred to May meeting whilst the clerk investigates further. RESOLVED

11.0 To Note Information Item – Herefordshire Economic Master Plan – noted. The clerk was asked to scan the document and circulate it by email to all councilors.

12.0 To consider date of next meeting and agenda items

Tuesday 3rd May 2016 – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council preceeded by the Annual
Parish Meetings, 7pm at Estate Office, Leighton Court

13.0 A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item RESOLVED

Employment Matters:

Janet Chester left the room whilst councillors discussed these matters

13.1 To Appoint New Clerk

It was AGREED to appoint Janet Chester as clerk with effect from 1st March 2016 RESOLVED

13.2 To Consider Salary Scale for New Clerk

It was AGREED that her salary would commence at NJC Salary Scale Point 20 and on attainment of her CiLCA qualification would rise to Salary Scale Point 21. An annual home working allowance was also agreed. RESOLVED

13.3 To Note that HALC will seek references – noted

13.4 To Note the death of Martin Field – long term ex clerk

The Chairman advised of the death of former clerk Martin Field, the council members expressed their sympathy.

13.4.1 To note retrieval of some parish council property.

Janet Chester advised that following the death of Martin Field she was approached as clerk to another parish council to help clear his house of a number of local parish councils property. She had retrieved Stretton Grandison Group parish councils’ filing cabinet together with several documents belonging to the parish council. More may follow as the rest of the house is cleared.

There being no other business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 20.33pm